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Namecheap is a well-known domain registrar that has been around literally for decades. We have been waiting for the opportunity to review their VPN service for some time. And now it is time to find out what the Namecheap VPN can do.

VPN's have a killer low price, and like surf sharks, you can keep unlimited connections to one. If you are wondering why you should trust a domain registrar to run your VPN, so do we. No need to worry, Although; It uses an arm-powered server from StackPath, the company behind major VPN brands like IPpisch, Encrypt. me and StrongVPN.Anyone who owns a network is a decent size, with 1000+ servers spread across 75+ locations worldwide. 

Apps are available for Mac, iOS and Windows, Android; Tutorials show how to set up services on different routers, and, Unusually, there is no annoying limit to the number of devices you can connect together. The technology also looks great, with support for OpenVPN and IKEV2 protocols, to reduce the possibility of NemChep's own secure DNS being leaked, and a Quit switch to block Internet access if VPN drops.

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Interestingly, in testing and researching the background of Namecheap VPN, we discovered that it is a rebranded (white label) version of another popular VPN service — with a controversial past. So is Namecheap VPN still worth using, or should you move on to a better option?

We'll answer this and more in this in-depth Namecheap VPN review.

Namecheap's VPN does all the things you would expect of a regular VPN service. Still, there are some additional features that Namecheap offers, which make it stand The most popular from the competition and rub on the shoulder VPN providers like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, etc. These include:

Over 1,000 servers – Unlike some smaller VPN operators, Namecheap uses over 1,000 server locations so its users can always enjoy uninterrupted access to VPN connections all over the world. It has popular locations in America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

DNS leak protection – The domain name system, or 'DNS', is defined as the 'phonebook' of the Internet and can reveal certain information about you when you connect to websites. NameCheap's VPN service prevents this information from being leaked when you surf the web.

Strong data encryption – NameCheap uses the top VPN protocol to ensure that user data is encrypted. These include the OpenVPN and IKEV2 protocols that provide military-grade traffic encryption.

Unlimited device support –One of the best features of NameCheap's VPN service is its unlimited connected devices. This means customers can connect any device, regardless of the operating system, in their home, or even share their connection with friends and family.

ISP throttling avoidance – Some ISPs use 'packet sniffing' to check your data and restrict browsing when using your VPN. With NameChep, ISPs use these methods to prevent you from restricting your Internet access.

Random IP addresses – Some VPN providers will only use the IP address of the data center or server you are connected to, which makes it clear that you are connecting via VPN. However, Namecheap assigns each user a random IP address while keeping your true IP and location hidden.

Namecheap VPN PROS :

Easy to use VPN apps

  • Strong encryption and secure VPN protocols
  • Support for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, and Routers
  • No IP address or DNS leaks detected
  • Support for streaming and torrenting
  • Multiple payment methods including Bitcoin
  • Very inexpensive
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous connections
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Namecheap VPN CONs:
  • Slower than leading VPNs
  • Buggy VPN apps
  • Unclear VPN data collection policies
  • Based in the United States (bad privacy jurisdiction)
  • Support staff seems anxious to help, but inexperienced
  • No browser extensions
  • Not very good at defeating geo-blocking
  • Lacks advanced features

Namecheap VPN interesting FACTS:

  • Namecheap VPS IPVanish is a white level version
  • Moderate-sized network with servers in 50+ countries
  • Namecheap VPN PROs

Namecheap VPN has a number of good characteristics that you might find appealing, particularly if you are new to using a VPN, or need just the basics

Easy to use VPN apps

While some VPNs expect you to understand encryption algorithms and different VPN protocols, or force you to dig through huge lists of VPN servers to decide which to use, Namecheap VPN is simple and user-friendly. Turn it on, click the big red connection button and move on with your day.

While you can just hit the big red button and forget about it, as shown above, Namecheap VPN does also allows you to choose a specific VPN server manually, if that makes sense for your current situation.

Performance And Reliability

Owned by NameChep's servers and networks, resulting in some pretty impressive speeds ideal for data-heavy tasks like streaming, online gaming and data transfer. As with any VPN out there, there is a slightly higher ping (8ms to 13ms) and a barely noticeable speed drop (download – from 91.2Mbps to 86.55Mbps; upload – from 31.69Mbps to 29.43Mbps) when using Namecheap. Of course, the speed also depends on the actual server you are connected to.  Bottom line, NameCheap VPN provides amazing speed to its users with a fairly good connection continuity. Once you connect to a server (which may take some time), you won't be able to make a sudden speed drop or disconnect, which is especially important for online gaming.


Namecheap VPN currently supports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and VPN-enabled routers. If you are planning on using the iOS app, we recommend buying it on the official website since Apple adds a 30-60% fee, depending on your location. When it comes to the Windows app, users report issues with Windows 10 caused by IPv6 that usually disappear when they disable it on their networks. The app performs pretty well, but it still features only IKEv2. 

Strong encryption and secure VPN Protocols

The Namecheap VPN doesn't cut corners when it comes to protecting your data. It uses industry-standard AES-256 encryption and supports both OpenVPN and IKEV2 VPN protocols. These two VPN protocols provide both strong security and good performance. Below you will find the protocols available in the Name Chip VPN settings area :


NameCheap features 24/7 customer support rewards, including live chat. In order to access this feature, you have to provide the company with your full name and email. To view your support PIN you need to create a free Namecheap account (username, password, first / last name, email address). It is important to note that you can use two different email addresses, one to create your account and another to access the live chat feature. This also allows you to contact the customer support team before purchase and get answers to any questions you may have.

No IP address or DNS leaks detected

We ran our standard set of VPN tests against both the mobile and desktop apps without encountering any leaks of any sort. Here you will see Namecheap VPN Desktop (Windows) client without any leaks.

In your leaked tests the IP address matches the IP address of the VPN and the VPN client on the right. Additionally, you can see that NameChep's DNS servers are handling all DNS requests.

The Namecheap Android app also did not have any leaks in our tests, although we did find some bugs. (If you are considering alternative VPNs for your mobile device, check out these VPNs for Android))

Very inexpensive

Namecheap VPN is one of the least expensive VPNs you can get, especially if you are interested in investing in a long-term subscription.

No browser extensions

At the time of this review, NameCheap VPN does not provide any browser extensions.

Browser extensions are a nice feature that comes in a variety of sizes. Some VPN browser extensions act as additional proxies for the browser, while others basically extend the functionality and features of the VPN to the browser.

Many VPN browser extensions include extra features. For example, one of the best VPNs in Chrome is ExpressVPN, which offers a browser extension that splits geolocation data, blocks WebRTTC loops, and supports HTTPS everywhere for additional encryption.

Namecheap VPN interesting FACTs

Namecheap VPN is a product of Namecheap, an ICANN-accredited domain registrar and technology company. Richard Kirkendall founded the company in 2000 and serves as the CEO. In 2018, it was listed in the Inc. 5000, a list of the fastest-growing companies in America.

The long-term focus of the organization was domain registration (there are more than 10 million domains under their management). Among the offers offered by Namecheap VPN in the security department, they have recently been expanding their product line. As a domain registrar and hosting service, we think Namecheap does a great job and we'd recommend their services.

When we began examining the Namecheap VPN IP addresses, we noticed something strange. Some of the IPs were pointing to IPVanish hostnames and were coming up under the ownership of IPVanish. 

Here's just one example we found :

At this point, I decided to dig deeper. Of course, Ipswich has a white label program that they market under "WLVPN" - a reseller program.

For final confirmation, I checked with a Namecheap VPN support representative. I explained my findings, then he researched the issue and confirmed that Namecheap VPN is using :

  • IPVanish servers
  • IPVanish IP addresses
  • IPVanish software (VPN apps)


To put it bluntly, Namecheap VPN is a fairly new VPN service offered by Namecheap, popular for its domain registration service and web hosting as well as Its active participation in net neutrality events and their SOPA opposition positions. They are based in the United States, which is a member of the 14I Alliance, While this may not make sense, users must at least be aware of it. 

They do not promote a "logging policy" but they openly acknowledge that some data has been recorded and kept to protect some issues and improve the quality of their services. Although they are known to protect the rights of users on the Internet, their Terms of Service document contains references that may not please everyone, such as "privacy" Don't expect "or they don't have a bandwidth cap but they will limit you if they think you're using too much in the short term.

 They provide their customers with simple applications (regardless of preferred device), minimizing the possibility of any customization, making it an ideal VPN service for newborns. Installing their applications can be done effortlessly, as well as managing them on different devices (we have tested Windows, Android, iOS and Max applications).

Security tests revealed to us that Namecheap VPN does not leak critical data such as IP, DNS, WebRTTC and Flash IP data. However, some of their servers have provided stack paths that contain the IPvis sub-brand and provide the infrastructure to help power the name chap VPN. Speed servers were extremely frustrating, our default speed testing service was not available and the Hong Kong server could not be tested despite the "Scramble" feature being turned on.

On the bright side, Namecheap VPN is now able to block various entertainment services, including Netflix and its US. Version, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime video, which closed decent trade (speed tests consider frustration) They offer you several customer support options including ticket submission, live chat and a knowledge base and their support team provides you with timely, friendly, helpful answers.

Although they do not offer a trial, they do have a 30-day money-back guarantee, for which you do not need to meet any ridiculous requirements, only you cannot use this offer more than once. The prices of their subscription plans are fair and also come with generous discounts if you opt for a larger one (not the monthly one, which is still relatively cheap, compared to other similar products).

Do we recommend Namecheap VPN? Yes. All in all, if you're not exactly bothered by the stuff in the "Terms of Service" and you want a simple, easy-to-install, easy-to-use VPN service that won't drain you financially, then the name chip VPN that you are looking for.


  1. Easy to install, easy to use; (4)
  2. Can unblock Netflix; (5)
  3. 24/7, friendly support team; (5)
  4. 30-day money-back guarantee; (5)
  5. No leaks; (5)
  6. Cheap subscription plans; (4.5)


  • 14 Eyes Alliance (USA); (2)
  • Some confusing information in ToS; (1)
  • Low speed results; (1)
  • Little configuration options; (1)
  • Scramble feature doesn't work as it should; (1)

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