Best Technology use for Your Business - 2022
Best Technology use for Your Business - 2022

According to some star-eyed entrepreneurs, the only way to become truly rich financially and personally  in other words, Getting unreasonably rich, starting your own business..

From the Silicon Roundabout to Silicon Valley, it’s hard to understand the total number of startups launched worldwide. According to a recent GEM Global report, about 100 million businesses are launched annually; Which comes in at three businesses per second or 11,000 new startups per hour. For these small business owners around the world who compete against the big guns every day, technology is an important tool that is leveling the playing field for these entrepreneurs.

If the technology is well applied, small businesses have the potential to grow. A single Amazon book could turn into a series; A single hotdog stand can mushroom a national franchise. The growing use of the Internet, smartphones, app development and other cutting-edge technologies has forced many businesses to go online to serve a wider audience.

Using the right technology can make business processes more flexible, such as facilitating communication, securing your business data, improving customer care, and speeding up business processes.

Below are my best technology picks to ring in the new year, increase profits for a small business owners and help them stay ahead of competitors.

1. Augmented Reality Device

When business ideas are shown they are better acknowledged, not told. The question of the future of augmented reality has disappeared, since the introduction of Microsoft HoloLens glasses. The company recently announced that the AR headset will be available early next year. Businesses can use augmented reality devices like Microsoft's HoloLens to showcase designs, work together remotely, and develop real-world things. These AR devices provide a unique opportunity to animate products and information.

2. Wireless conference room

Every small and large company needs meeting space to discuss strategy and progress with the team. Nowadays, many companies are adopting a wireless solution for meetings that connect with offices, team members and clients, regardless of their location. One such solution is the VIA Line of Collaboration Tools, produced by Kramer, designed to take you to the conference room wherever your team is.

VIA allows companies to stream videos and presentations wirelessly across different conference rooms. These distinctive features help companies meet outside of the general presentation and actually allow employees to work together.

3. Internet of Things

From smart lights to connected security cameras, the Internet of Things offers a wide range of consumer-oriented technology. Companies are taking advantage of IoT devices in the form of connected sensors and cameras to monitor productivity and efficiency. As IoT increases in the workplace, it will accelerate employee mobility; allow team members to be more productive — regardless of their position in the world.

4. Cloud computing

Most people are not aware of the purpose of the "cloud" which is affecting the way we use technology every day. Cloud computing allows a centralized data database system that can be accessed through your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other Internet-enabled device.

Despite its popularity, many companies have still failed to adopt cloud computing in any form. It can help companies improve their products and services and their internal communication. Through cloud computing technology, entire employees can connect with each other with the data, functionality or any other component they need.

5. Wearable technology

With the introduction of wearable technology, in the form of smartwatches and the obsolete Google Glass, people have changed the way they communicate with the world around them. Most of these wearable devices are dedicated to health and fitness tracking; This gives businesses a new opportunity to promote a healthy and active lifestyle by equipping their employees with wearable fitness trackers.

It is impossible to predict how each technology will affect your business or your workforce, but it is essential to be aware of the technological development of the industry in order to get their feedback before your competitors. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Stay updated in 2016 and beyond!

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